This is Hazel she is Nineteen and looks like Nina Nesbitt, she is Bi Sexual and she is OPEN.

"She lives in a world of magic, because her real life is tragic"


Hazel is a fairy, she had a rich family, and hated the prestigious and proper life that was for the upper-class. She had lots of pressure to be perfect with good grades and get into a good college-when she really just wanted to be a singer. Which lead to her attempt at suicide to get out of it.

In Wendy’s world, she is truly thrilled to be a fairy. She mostly stays in the shadows, always afraid someone can kill her. She is very socially awkward and doesn’t like getting caught while watching people. Usually when she’s not watching over people, she’s with the mermaids, and really enjoys singing to  them.

Life in Wendy’s:

Hazel admires Wendy and her world, a ‘fangirl’ some could say. Hazel watches her frequently and wouldn’t know what to do if she actually metWendy. 

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