This is Dahlia she is Twenty and looks like Jessica Lowndes, she is bi-sexual and she is OPEN.

"She lives in a world of magic, because her real life is tragic"


A pirate’s life has always been for Dahlia despite the fact that she was originally from the Native American tribe. A pretty girl like her can be a little hard for anyone to deny. She likes to lure Lost Kids into the pirates domain so that they can be captured. She is not too hardy for manual labor but she is a schemer. 

One of the main things that she is good at making plans for the next kidnap attempt. You could say she is the best. It was the reason why Hook allowed her to remain on his ship. She does have a thing against trying to take a hold of anyone from the Native American Tribe. She does not want her family hurt and makes sure Hook is aware of her terms.

Life in Wendy’s:

She herself does not mind it, but is more than for using it to her advantage. She hates Wendy and would love to have the demise of Wendy underneath her belt.

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